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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: What is WSCC™?
    Answer: WSCC™ is a WIFI hotspot management software designed to track and secure your WiFi Hotspot or visitor network in a centralized way. Based on captive portal technology, WSCC™ lets your hotspot user login simply by using a web browser.
  • Question: To whom all is WSCC™ suited?
    Answer: WSCC™ is suited for public hotspots, Hotels, and other institutions requiring complete user management, security features, accounting and billing, bandwidth and time management. WSCC™ is targeted to systems where public access is provided, but is also suited in institution/office targeting user and bandwidth management.
  • Question: What is the traffic handling capacity of WSCC™?
    Answer: WSCC™ Server supports upto 2500 connections, but installed system traffic depends on the handling capacity of wifi routers also.
  • Question: What is the range of WSCC™?
    Answer: Range of the system entirely depends upon the number of WiFi routers, its parameters, and networking done. This is independent of WSCC™ Server system.
  • Question: How to login to the admin panel of WSCC™?
    Answer: To login to the admin panel of WSCC™. Open the WSCC™ server’s web browser and the type “localhost/yfi/” in the address panel. You will then be prompted for administrator username and password. Please note that the admin page will be accessible only through the server and not through the WiFi portal.
  • Question: How to change the admin password?
    Answer: After you login to the admin panel, on the dashboard there is a lock symbol on the upper right corner of the screen. Click this and a pop up window will appear asking new password.
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