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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q . What is KISSAN?
A . Kissan is an IOT(Internet Of Things) based intelligent irrigation system. In hindi language, kissan means farmer. Kissan was developed as a true aid for hassle free and efficient irrigation, and has evolved into a fully functional irrigation system with cloud based inputs for user about the interval and timings for irrigation.

Q . What is the cloud based input mentioned here?
A . KISSAN is an IOT device, connected to the internet. It collects information from various sources on the internet. It gathers information about irrigation, agriculture, climate and specifics about the best farming practises. It also keeps an eye on remote sensing information. The device processes these information and suggest the user with best methods in irrigation and farming. This data can be used by the user to select the timings and interval for irrigation.

Q . I am not a big farmer and the only irrigation I do is watering the plants in my garden. Why should I use KISSAN?
A . Automated irrigation using KISSAN can save you the time you spend for watering your plants. You can indulge in your favourite leisure time while your plants are being taken care of by KISSAN. Also timed irrigation at frequent intervals using drip irrigation techniques can save precious water and is also good for the plants. Plants tend to grow more and be strong when irrigated at frequent intervals with less water compared to one or two times a day with plenty of water.


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