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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: What is the difference between the Timer and the Time Switch?

    Answer: The Timer controls the time from when the power is turned on or the input signal is supplied to when the operation starts. On the other hand, the Time Switch controls the time of day at which the operation starts with the power on.

  • Question: What is the maximum load that can be connected to the Kiran time switch?

    Answer: The maximum load that can be connected to the Kiran varies with model. For example model K10ASD can handle a load of 2.2kW in 220V ac for continuous operation. However the maximum peak current K10ASD can withstand before getting damaged is 16A

  • Question: What does Kiran’s model number indicate?

    Answer: Kiran’s model number has information regarding the maximum load current, type of time switch and number of switching poles. For example, considering the kiran model K10ASD:
    K – Kiran
    10A – Maximum load current for continuous operation
    S – Single pole switching
    D – Digital Time Switch

  • Question: How many switching times can be incorporated in Kiran?

    Answer: Kiran can be configured for upto 8 daily switching; with daily, weekly, only weekdays, and only weekends repeat mode.

  • Question: Will the time setting of the Kiran get erased if its power supply gets cut off?

    Answer: No. Each Kiran digital time switches have internal rechargeable battery that can keep the Timer switches in standby mode, retaining all its configuration, for a period of more than 30 days when power is cut off. However the time switch requires power to turn on the connected load.

  • Question: How much power will Kiran consume?

    Answer: When the connected load is on, the Kiran will consume a maximum of 4W. When in normal state the module will consume power under 1W.

  • Question: Is Kiran waterproof?

    Answer: No Kiran time switches are not waterproof. Kiran requires proper installation and protection from weather and water, like all normal switches.

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