Technology Consultation

Have an idea for a fabulous electronic product, but stuck in technicalities?


Don’t worry! Thakshashila R&D have a rich experienced technology consultants who can help you out in any technicalities, and feasibility analysis of considered product concept. Our consultants have experience in over 25 hardware development platforms, with exposure in technology selection for embedded systems for high end industrial R&D product prototypes developed for Jaguar & Land Rover, Kaygee Induction Systems, Wison Petroleum Technologies etc. Our technology consultants analyze not just the platform considered for your product development, but offer you with the best platform available considering development tool costs, time-to-market priority analysis, and market obseleteness prediction model.

We also analyze the expertise level of your development team to suggest the best coding methodologies, and selection of co-design; as we understand the enthusiasm of budding entrepreneurs and their flamboyant ideas that are ready to take on the world. What we prioritize during technology consultation is strictly based on the requirement of the clients. If the consultation is based on the entire project and based on mass production methodology, we prioritize on Time-to-Market model for the earliest product launch.

We respect your ideas; as a token of the same we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), before the official start of the technology consultation.

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