Software Design

Inspiration imbibed from the concept of open source and free software foundation. All our software build for customized hardware developed by Thakshashila R&D Pvt, are based on open source platforms.

We have proven expertise in software development in Java, J2EE, and Python platforms. We have dedicated team for development of DSP based backbone in python using scientific python packages. We have a secure server based software validation and dedicated data encryption service in our IOT (Internet of Things) based products (eg. Kissan).

We offer software and driver development services for embedded hardware; provided all the information required for connecting with the hardware are disclosed. We support driver development for windows and linux kernels for custom build hardware. We respect the confidentiality of our clients, and we include a Non-Disclosure Agreement for all our projects.

We provide complete project documentation and limited access to our version control server to client for their easy tracking and readability of the source code. We disclose our source code if the development has been done for linux systems, sharing the spirit of open source software. However all our projects shall contain complete project documentation build on Doxygen and Latex standards.

Our areas of expertise

  • BASH scripting for Linux systems.
  • Python Scripting for scientific analysis and data monitoring.
  • Specific software development in core java.
  • Kernel level development in Linux and Android systems.
  • Server Management.
  • Data Analysis and presentation.
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