Our area specific skills

  • Real time embedded system development in cortex M3 using FreeRTOS.
  • Linux based embedded system development.
  • Embedded system development in 8bit devices based on Atmel.
  • Driver development for CAN, LIN, LAN, I2C, SPI, I2S, SSP and UART in 8bit devices, FreeRTOS based systems and Linux based systems.
  • Hardware encrypted embedded devices.
  • Remote sensing, and data logging embedded systems.
  • Modernization of existing control systems.
  • Hardware encrypted low & medium data rate remote control systems.
  • Technology selection and consultation.
  • ROHS compliant device design and manufacturing.
  • Development on Open Source Platforms (Both Software and Hardware).
  • RTLS and RF planning for low energy RTLS.
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