Product Development

Thakshashila R&D Pvt Ltd supports all stages of Embedded Product Development.

  • Specification-to-hardware compatibility and feasibility analysis – complete hardware requirements are split down to basic modular level and analysis of hardware requirements including clock timing, bus analysis and timing drift on desired operation environment are analyzed along with special requests on technology and core selection by the client; and detailed report and suggestions on the selected parameters are submitted to the client.
  • Technology selection and technology span analysis – In Technology selection, we suggest the best technologies and reproduct development.lated operation core, in accordance with the result of analysis of the former steps, also considering the market availability and feasibility of suggested technologies along with financial consideration and span of technology, before which we expect obsoleteness of the technology used in product development. Normally we suggest technologies that will have support for eight years form the day of commissioning of the project. We assure product life cycle of at least five years for all TRD developed assets.
  • System Design – All systems are in-house designed at TRD, and we follow rigorous prototype testing phases before going to production environment, so that the product we develop is designed to last even in extreme working conditions, in accordance with analysis during phase 1. We normally do not support low time-to-market modular based design, with existing third party low cost boards, as these are less optimised for specific work requirements and hence downgrade the performance, however, if client explicitly demands so, we do support prototyping in low cost boards, such as olimex boards, raspberry pi, beaglebone, etc.

    Hardware designing as well as core design is fully build in-house maintaining high integrity, with data security in TRD, always creating peace of mind for the customer. No part of any sensitive data is stored or shared outside TRD, and all sensitive data are handled in isolated systems, with restricted in-house sharing.

  • Hardware Manufacturing – Thakshashila R&D Pvt Ltd does not have production capacity for Printed Circuit Boards or Enclosures for the product. We, however, support the same, and all Printed Circuit Board production is out sourced to a major PCB manufacturer in India, supporting full ROHS and high-speed production line with various options (selected according to customers interest as well as product requirement). All enclosure designs are out sourced, to major manufacturer in India. We always ensure we deliver only the essential data required for production of the same and no more is shared.

    All hardware assemblies and testing are done in-house at TRD, supporting full ROHS compliant device manufacturing. We use silver alloy range of solder, which is lead free and has zero impact on the environment. The alloy composition and solder selection is completely based on system requirements and parameter analysis; such as product usage environment parameters, signalling requirements, etc.

  • Hardware Specific Software Development – TRD also support software development that is exclusively compatible with our hardware product so that extended hardware data features are securely available to the customer without any complications in usage for the customer.
  • Revisions and Performance upgrading support – TRD is in constant quest for perfection in each of its product whether big or small. Thakshashila R&D Pvt Ltd offers free bug fixes and performance optimizations even when the product is delivered to the customer. We are never satisfied until our customers are satisfied.
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