The automotive R&D segment requires simulation environments for purposes like testing new parameters uploading new layout in infotainment unit, testing of critical parameters of engine and safety features. Since most of these parameters are controlled electronically in new age vehicles and designs; protocols such as as CAN, LIN, Flexray etc are used as a high integrity data method for communication. If your concern is to wake up the equipment cluster or to keep the terminal in debugging mode to test out new solutions, or to power them up in real presentation mode, for auto expo or R&D alike vCAN is your solution.

vCAN is a CAN 2.0 based communication device that is used to mimic a unit of the finalized car part that will communicate using the CAN protocol, and is targeted for use in simulation environment. With configurable message frames and two different transmission speeds for different purposes, vCAN unit can be used to mimic almost all critical scenarios and observe the corresponding communication data or the deployment of safety features visually in the testing environment. For example, for development of a software in the infotainment system, the head unit of any automotive OEM should be first powered on and then put into debug mode, for testing out the software feature incorporated/updated in the head unit; these are done through proper CAN messaging. Once a proper set of messages are given by the service provider into the SD card in the format specified in the user manual of the vCAN box for the above mentioned example, the rest will be taken care of by vCAN. Hence vCAN is a quintessential part in portable testing rigs that are bound to be operated in third party sites where the development takes place and these development teams need not bother on any CAN frames, as that job is taken care of by vCAN, and the team can, with no wastage in time, work on the project they are assigned to. The data being read from a SD card, vCAN has a generic nature, and hence can be used by any automotive OEM for their rig testing and analysis purposes. The speed and timings are pre-configured according to the requirements of the client.

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