TRDSL20-L/S models are all Made-In-India very high intensity 20W street Lights, with 2 years warranty. The complete features of TRDSL20 are:

  • TRDSL20-L
    • Works on single phase power supply with working voltage range of 180V – 260V
    • Fuse and MOV protection for surge resistance.
    • Absolute maximum real-time current consumption of 93mA at 95 degree Centigrade
    • Maximum real-time power consumption of 21.3W
    • IP65 enclosure with pre-baked sealing to minimize moisture retention due to humidity, during packing
    • Full Aluminum cast body ensuring superior heat dispersion
    • PCB with triple layered heat dispersion; top layer copper heat dispersion, mid layer copper for heat transfer to third core layer with 2mm aluminum heat sink core.
    • High Light intensity of 125 lumens output per watt.
  • TRDSL20-S
    • TRDSL20-S is a completely self sufficient solar street lighting system.
    • Includes 40W polycrystaline solar panel with 25 year warranty
    • Includes 40Ah Exide powersafe battery with 3 year manufacturer warranty
    • Specialized charge controller for battery charging and load switching
    • Fully automated on/off controll
    • Upto 12 hours continuous operation capability.
    • High Light intensity of 123 lumens output per watt


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