Incorporating all the functionalities of vCAN, the TRDC3310 is automotive testing redefined. TRDC3310 used in all the functional areas as that of vCAN and more. With additional power capabilities and more CAN frames support, this is your partner in rigorous vehicle testing. From infotainment to critical data testing TRDC3310 can handle it all with ease. The most important part of any automotive testing environment, the stability of the TRDC3310 with least error in CAN message transmissions and ability to work on varied voltage sources makes it the most preferred choice of automotive test systems manufacturers. The built in CAN controller on port 1 enables more accurate timing and very small intervals for CAN messages. Compact and simple design makes it fit into any portable environment. TRDC3310 along with the other necessary devices and a power supply can be easily packed into a small suitcase sized box for testing purposes. The universal USB connectors for power means hassle free connections to power supplies.

Advanced features

  1. Variable voltage inputs 5V-9V to power the device.
  2. Increased number of message frames support.
  3. Dynamic network management on one push.
  4. Extension port to connect other peripheral devices.
  5. Simultaneous high speed and low speed Tx on two ports.
  6. Built in CAN controller on port1

For more details about vCAN see the vCAN product page.

For TRDC3310A Product documentation click here

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