Again forgot to switch on that garden light in time? Or wondering how much money you can save in electricity bills if you switch off the refrigerator during peak hours but cant take the burden of doing it every day? Well, we are all humans. We forget. But not them machines. Kiran, the time switch remembers your timings and switches your appliances on and off according to your preferences.

With EIGHT present ON /OFF timers and weekdays only/ weekend only modes, the Kiran time switch is sufficient for any of your purposes. Connect it to your garden light, portico light , anywhere you would want it to. Connect it, set the timers and be free. The high current capability of the Kiran module enables it to be connected to almost any household appliances including light, fan, refrigerator etc. Also the DIN rail mountable device is exactly the same size as your MCB and so does not need any additional fittings to install.

Kiran feature list

  • 8 programmable ON/OFF timers
  • Timers can work in weekdays only / weekend only / all days modes
  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation
  • Current capabilities starting from 10A (varies with model)
  • Web based integral customer support right at your fingertips

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