The next revolution in agriculture is here. Presenting you the Kissan – irrigation made intelligent. Automated timely irrigation with suggestions from the internet. This IOT(Internet Of Things) device has multiple programmable timers which can be set to time irrigation many times a day. Set the timer and rest assured that your plants are taken good care of.

Excited! Aren’t you?? Well the real deal is yet to come. Your KISSAN module can be connected to the internet via WiFi. Once it knows your crops, it can comb resources on the internet about the best timings for irrigation and best farming practices for your crop, displaying all this in a dedicated app on your smartphone. You can select a suggestion to be set to your field device to irrigate your fields according to that suggestion. If you do not want to use the suggestion as such, you have the freedom to modify them and use it. Easy to install and low cost, this is the technology you have always wanted. Be it your farmhouse or your beautifully landscaped lawn, KISSAN can be used anywhere to make your life simple.

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