Positions to which we are Hiring and Status

  1. Embedded System Designer  – Currently closed
  2. Circuit Designer and Analyst –  Currently closed
  3. Web Programmer –  Currently closed
  4. Marketing (Trading Segment) – Currently open

Pre-requisites for application to the mentioned positions

  1. Minimum Qualification of Degree in BSc. Electronics/ Computer Science or BTech Fields associated with Electronics and/or Computer Science (for positions 1 – 3). Degree in any trade, with minimum 60% aggregate, (for position 4); preference will be given for marketing/management background. Those pursuing courses may also apply
  2. 0 – 6 months Experience. Priority to be given to experienced developers
  3. Supreme communication skills (in multiple languages preferred, with compulsory requirement in English language)
  4. Creativity and uniqueness are given preference

Application Guidelines

  1. All applications must be made through email to
  2. All applicants should attach the email subject as “Application to <position>”, where <position> should refer to the position to which you are applying for.
  3. The email body must contain a self introduction and reasons for applying to Thakshashila R&D Pvt Ltd.
  4. Please be careful while filling the application as a candidate may apply only once. If rejected due to any reasons the candidate may not be reconsidered at any point of time, and all his/her future applications are automatically rejected.
  5. Please upload the resume in pdf format only. Applications without resume will be rejected at once.
  6. Once the application is submitted, we will revert to you with a slot for interview (if selected), and if the timing of the slot allotted to you is inconvenient; revert to us at the earliest stating valid reasons. If reasonable we may shift the interview slot to our mutual convenience. However this may be done solely at the discretion of TRD officials.
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