About Us

We are a research and development organization dedicated in the development of industrial and application specific embedded real-time / non real-time systems for automotive and industrial sector, aimed at working in standalone or networked mode, being itself a part/whole of the system, and also technical consultancy for specialized embedded systems.
Thakshashila R&D Private Limited also specialize in modernisation of existing machines incorporating latest technologies of industrial standards, adding remote control and/or remote sensing applications to your existing machines adding its efficiency and ease of operation and automation.
Thakshashila R&D Private Limited has pledged for a greener tomorrow supporting and funding various Eco-friendly projects, and inspiring innovations that can create a greener world, through our green-initiative programs.
Visit our Services page for more information on our field of expertise. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and know more on our product range in industrial and agricultural segments in our products page.

Our Team

We have skilled labor, with proven technical and stress handling capability over years of experience associated with various companies, national and multinational. We have undertaken various Industrial projects all of which is associated with specific machinery development (embedded control systems), commercial projects associated with development of client specific data analysis systems, security systems, RF planning & systems, proprietary systems, etc. for various institutions and Government of Kerala.

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